Hardware – software complex Inspector

INSPECTOR computer appliance includes a complex of solutions, which allow carrying out control over the work of the remote objects in different areas of enterprise activity.

It is meant for collection of information on work of this or that observed object, which is communicated to the central server where it will be processed and presented to the user in the form of diagrams, reports and any other easy-to-use forms.

The complex consists of:

Inspector GPS monitoring system Fuel Station Inspector Meteo Inspector – online meteorological station Inspector Prom

Hardware - software complex Inspector

It may be applied in different areas, such as:

City passenger transportation/municipal taxi control Private fixed-route taxi transportation control Communal city, region, district transport vehicles performance control Road construction equipment control (construction of roads, bridges, etc.) Control of technical equipment and forest clearance/transportation of wood products for forest divisions

Hardware - software complex Inspector

Control of technical equipment of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine Monitoring of the water level in the rivers Control of railway vehicles, river transportation, vessels Control of radiological situation and equipment that serves Atomic Power Station Control over technical equipment of agribusiness industry