Road construction equipment control (construction of roads, bridges, etc.)

Control of quality and timeliness of road sites construction is an important task. The chief object of the system implementation is the increase of technical equipment operation efficiency, control of quality of construction. The system will allow reducing the possibility of idle time and use of municipal transport for personal purposes. It will increase discipline of drivers and improve service performance quality. The system will reduce fuel expenditure, controlling tank fuelling as well as fuel consumption.

The hardware part (Figure 1):

The hardware part

The hardware part.

Figure 1.

Additionally solved problems for this particular area:

  • Control of the operations performed by technical equipment, indicated in the transportation control and movement document;
  • Control of speed, mileage, engine rotation rate, filling up, fuel consumption per 100km or per moto-hour for different types of vehicles. Data comparison plan/fact;
  • Special purpose equipment performance control:
    1. Крановая установка, бульдозер, экскаватор, грейдер, погрузчик, асфальтоукладчик, трубоукладчик, каток и т.д. (контроль качества и количества технологических операций, время работы под нагрузкой, расход топлива под нагрузкой и на холостых оборотах).
    2. Crane, bulldozer, excavator, grader, asphalt distributor, pipeline boom crane, roller etc. (control of quality and amount of technological operations, number of hours in operating conditions and at idle).
    3. Dump truck, water tank truck (control of receipt/ raw materials unloading).
    4. Control of diesel-driven genset performance (operating hours, fuel consumption rate per operating hour).
    5. Road marking equipment (operating hours, fuel consumption in operating conditions and in idle).
    6. Passengers’ technical equipment, people delivery, passenger car traffic (control of working shift, personnel onsite delivery.
    7. Control of fuel receipt/issue by fuel-servicing trucks. Distribution of fuel based on card scheme with maintenance of electronic magazine.

The software part (Figure 2):

The software part

The software part.

Figure 2.