Control of technical equipment of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine

The chief object of the system is the increase of safety while transporting the prisoners.

The hardware part (Figure 1):

The hardware part

The hardware part.

Figure 1.

Additionally solved problems for this particular area:

  • Control over the movement of vehicles on official matters;
  • Installation of panic buttons in the vehicles in order to send alarm message in case of emergency;
  • Installation of door opening sensors with alarm SMS signaling in case of unauthorized opening of KUNG door outside the established zone;
  • Installation of photo-fixing equipment with communication of information to the server in case of alarm button activation or unauthorized opening of KUNG doors;
  • Control over business trips of public officers of regulatory inspection divisions by means of manual GPS tracking devices.

The software part (Figure 2):

The software part

The software part.

Figure 2.