Control of railway vehicles, river transportation, vessels

The chief object of this system implementation is the control over cargo, railroad cars and railway tank-cars movement within the territory of Ukraine.

The hardware part (Figure 1):

The hardware part

The hardware part.

Figure 1.

Additionally solved problems for this particular area:

Control over shunting diesel locomotives:

  • Location of diesel-electric locomotive in real-time mode, parking, stoppage, speed of movement;
  • Measurement of fuel consumption by diesel-electric locomotive during the locomotive driver’s shift;
  • Control of fuelling/ fuel draining, remaining fuel in the fuel tank to an accuracy of up to 2% of the tank volume;
  • Analysis of fuel consumption by each locomotive within the specified period.

Control over the movement of railroad cars/railway tank-cars:

  • Control over the movement of reservoir trucks all over the railway stations of Ukraine, by means of video surveillance system with identification of railroad cars/ railway tank-cars registration numbers;
  • Railroad car or railway tank-car arrival/departure time control from/to the railway station;
  • Real-time maintenance of electronic register of movements all over the railway stations starting with loading point and to the moment of arrival to the final destination within the territory of Ukraine.

Control over transportation of goods by river vessels:

  • On-line control over the movement of vessels on the rivers;
  • Vessels loading/unloading time control in ports;
  • Control of fuelling, fuel consumption by vessels.

The software part (Figure 2):

The software part

The software part.

Figure 2.

Possibility to grant temporary limited access to the system under guests’ passwords in order to trace vessels/railroad cars/railway tank-cars movements by cargo shippers, receivers, carriers.