IT-LYNX, LLC has been dynamically and successfully developing on Ukrainian market for 10 years. We are specialized in the development and production of the radio-electronic equipment as well as the development of online systems in order to automate the activity of enterprises. The basic area of our activity is the development and implementation of complex systems of monitoring, transport management, remote control over the objects based on satellite and wireless technologies. All our projects increase the use of the resources efficiency and simplify the activity of enterprises, developing such trades as:

  • agriculture;
  • transport and logistics;
  • energy and industrial complex.
Some products of company



The system of GPS monitoring, scheduling and control of fuel consumption.

Fuel Station Inspector

The system of fuel issue for the stationary fuel stations and mobile fuel-servicing trucks.

Meteo Inspector

Basic online weather station with an analysis functions and the ability to store data 5 years.

GPS monitoring, fuel cycle monitoring, weather data and much more

Hardware-software complex “Inspector”

GPS monitoring, fuel cycle monitoring, weather data and much more.