Private fixed-route taxi transportation control

The chief object of the system implementation is to optimize the processes of administration, monitoring and more efficient use of vehicle fleet, provision of passenger transportation security, keeping to the schedule and driving regulations.

The hardware part (Figure 1):

Аппаратная часть

The hardware part.

Figure 1.

Additionally solved problems for this area:

  • En route control of the vehicle, adherence to the route;
  • Time control of the vehicle arrival at the bus stops, fixation of deviations from the assigned parameters;
  • Voice announcement of the current bus stop when approaching and announcement of the next stop with GPS connection;
  • Reflection of bus stops on the display board inside the vehicle;
  • Speed control to avoid emergency situations on the city roads.

The software part (Figure 2):

Программная часть

The software part.

Figure 2.