Capacitive fuel level sensor SmartSensor II

SmartSensor II – is a new generation fuel gauge unit (produced by our company), unlike the old one SmartSensor, the new unit was produced in ultrastrong, single-piece aluminum body. In the course of its production there were used new, more precise components, the unit can check the presence of water in a tank.


Capacitive fuel level sensor SmartSensor II

The fuel gauge unit SmartSensor II (hereinafter referred to as the Unit) is a noncontacting gauge of the level of combustive and lubricating materials (hereinafter referred to as the CLM): diesel, petrol, oil.

Operating principle – capacitive. A measuring probe tube and its inside bar make condenser plates, the capacity of which is changed if the CLM level is changed. In contact with electrically conducting fluid (for example water) inside the plates, the sensor value will correspond to full tank – the unit is not meant for measuring the level of electrically conducting fluids.Change of condenser capacities is converted by the electronic circuit into a digital signal which can be read, processed and transmitted to the server of GPS system of monitoring, traffic control and remote control of mobile objects «Inspector» by means of GPS monitoring device SmartTrack.

More detailed information on fuel flow monitoring for the otor-vehicle transport can be found in the description of a tariff «Fuel+» of GPS monitoring system «Inspector».

Technical specifications:

 Parameter description or parameter  Unit  Valuе
 General Specifications:
 The maximum operating temperature  °С  from -40 to +75
 Degree of protection of the sensor electronics  -  IP68
 Time of continuous operation  -  unlimited
 Range of lengths of the probing device of the sensor  mm  from 100 to 5000
 Primary allowable error in level measurement under static conditions, no more than  %  1
 Measurement results averaging period under dynamic conditions  s  8
 Code length of representation of the results of fuel level measurements  bit  16
 Code length of representation of the temperature measurements  bit  16
 Power supply:
 Supply voltage  V  from 8 to 35
 Current consumption  mA  from 2 to 5
 Digital  -  two-wire bus