Telematics GSM terminal with a GPS receiver SmartTrack

This device is a GPS/GSM tracker that is installed on the vehicle, which is being monitored. Its aim is to receive the signals from orbiting satellites of the Earth (global positioning system GPS), to process them and to determine their basic parameters of object movement: coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude above the sea level), speed and direction of movement. These data are recorded into the internal memory of the device, and then are transmitted via a GPRS-channel to our company’s server.


Telematics GSM terminal with a GPS receiver SmartTrack

Micro computer of a module has a built-in function of firmware upgrade. This function allows upgrading a filmware to the new versions without removing the device (while in service, without loss of the history of the object movement).

The device can be operated under a wide temperature range. It has high level of security in regard to electric circuit, is shock-proof and resistant to vibrations, works on any GSM network if there is installed a corresponding SIM-card in it, memory capacity is able to store the history of movements up to 1 hour, which allows using the device during the extensive trips abroad and in the absence of cellular communication.

The device records the time of power up and down, which helps to detect its intentional shutdown. It has been also provided a self-testing of the device, which allows detecting “double-dealing” with electric circuit.

Technical specifications:

 Operating mode:
 Power voltage, V  from 8 to 36
 Current consumption in operation mode, A  Up to 1
 Current consumption in standby mode,  Up to 30
 Positional accuracy, m  from 5 to 20
 Temperature conditions:
 Operating temperature range, °С  from -30 to +85
 Humidity, %  from 5 to 95, non-condensing
 Size and weight of device:
 Length, mm  110
 Width, mm  78
 Height, mm  30
 Weight, g  about 150